• Goy Le

Dear future Goy,

with this blog entry I would like to capture some personal thoughts about photography for myself and share them with everyone.

Sometimes I manage to take a photo that is so filled with power, life, history and atmosphere. But sometimes I catch myself not succeeding in taking a perfect photo. The individual elements that come together: the stories, the people and motifs are often too scattered to capture it all beautifully with my camera.

But then I meet people who are able to capture these moments again and again... but how do they do it? I have been working on it for months and I think I have figured it out.

I think that these people are very good at observing, being patient and are very honest with themselves.


Often beautiful moments are so rich and varied that you can't capture them from one perspective. You have to move and grab and observe this moment from all angles. Because the world is in motion and one must not stand still in the face of a living and moving world.


Sometimes we find a moment in seconds, but it can also take hours, days or weeks. There is no fixed place, rule or pattern of action. Mind, eye and heart must pay close attention and the body should be flexible and resilient in such moments.


The things that the world has to offer is so full of rich moments that a photographer has to resist the temptation wanting to capture everything. Good photographers must practice modesty and should be able to reduce the things they see. You don't always have to show everything you see and again, "sometimes less is more". At the same time, good photographers have to be open-minded and be honest with their thoughts and feelings and follow their intuition.

When the eye sees, the mind understands and the heart says yes, then these are good signs that you can pull the trigger. At this moment everything is connected: the mood, the light, the colors, the composition and the story.

Everything is in balance and harmony.

Memo to myself: Photography is about harmony