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  • Goy Le

Take your time between taking photos

Take your time between taking photos. Look at them and let them sink!

You'll become a better photographer by analyzing your photos after taking them. Look at them, think about what you like, what you could have done better and keep those thoughts in mind for the next photo shoot.

If you're really good, you can view your photos on the camera screen at a distance enough to see what you can do better with the next shot. I know it sounds easier than it is - you often don't see the details on the screen directly in the camera viewfinder, but later with enough distance you can.

I'm still at the stage where after a photo session, I clearly see what I could have done better. I just need some time and rest for that. On the other hand, it's also positive that I notice something after every session that I can do better next time.

My advice to myself: Take more time between each photo. Don't rush the process. Good things take time. Maybe this advice will also help you.

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